The Vision Determines the Future-GS-Solar’s Next-generation Technology Sparkled at SNEC


On May 30th, the three-day photovoltaic industry festival - "SNEC 12th (2018) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition" came to a successful conclusion. At the exhibition, GS-Solar presented the global leading HDT heterojunction solar cell technology with the theme on “Bring the high return of next-generation technology to everyone” and exhibited products including double-sided double-glass modules, imbricate modules, and solar cells, which perfectly represented the technical strength of GS-Solar. At this industry event, GS-Solar demonstrated the company's big vision and big view with its "high standard", "technical flow" and "professionalization".

In this exhibition, the company sent out extensive invitation to the industry. On May 28th, the company's CEO Wen Yuezhong, Senior Vice President Yang Hesheng, CTO Dr. Wang Shulin and many other senior executives attended the exhibition. Since the opening of the exhibition on May 28th, many industry leaders, experts, well-known scholars and leaders of leading companies have come to visit and inspect. On May 28th, Li Shulei, General Manager Assistant of the State Power Investment Corporation Limited and General Manager of the Department of Hydropower and New Energy, visited and inspected thebooth of GS-Solar. On May 29th, Xia Zhong, Vice General Manager of the State Power Investment Corporation Limited, visited GS-Solar’s booth and gave high recognition to the company's perseverance in the R&D of next-generation solar cell technology and the R&Dachievement of HDT, with the company of Li Shulei, General Manager Assistant of the State Power Investment Corporation Limited and General Manager of the Department of Hydropower and New Energy, Xie Xiaoping, Chairman of Huanghe Hydropower Development company of the State Power Investment Corporation Limited, and Wang Haimin, Vice General Manager of the Department of Hydropower and New Energy, and others.

Dedicated in the R&D of solar cell technology for more than ten years, the HDT solar celltechnology independently developed by GS-Solar became one of bright spot of this year's SNEC exhibition. GS-Solar actively practices the concept of “Bring the high return of next-generation technology to everyone”The exhibited HDT heterojunction solar cells and double-glass modules demonstrate the advantages of “high conversion efficiency, double-sided power generation, and high stability”. The conversion efficiency is increased by 10% to 20% compared with conventional products, while the LID is reduced by 50%, which results in the lowest cost per kilowatt hour. Lots of domestic and foreign businessmen came to the booth to consult and understand the technology and products.

GS-Solar has been concentrating on high-end photovoltaic equipment and technical services. The presentation in SNEC exhibition is a microcosm of GS-SolartechnologyR&D over the years. After the completion of the 5GW Putian plant with a total investment of 12.5 billion yuan, GS-Solar will become the worlds largest mass-produced high-efficiency HDT solar technology product company. In the future, GS-Solar will always bededicated in the technology R&D and application of clean energy. The high efficiency HDTsolar cell makes the lowest electricity cost in the industry, which will maximize the benefits for partners and bring the most cost-effective energy to customers.

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